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Officers Committees


Moderator (Cindy Torilli). The Moderator shall serve as a constitutional officer of the incorporated church and shall preside over all the Council and Special Meetings of this church. In the absence of the Moderator, the Diaconate Representative shall preside. When a vacancy occurs in an office or on a committee, he/she shall nominate and the Council shall vote to approve a substitute to serve until the next Annual Business Meeting. Any committee created by vote of this church at the Annual Business Meeting, and whose members are to be appointed by the Moderator, shall be appointed by the incoming Moderator with approval of the Council.

Clerk (Karen Kuchnir). The Clerk shall serve as a constitutional officer of the incorporated church. He/she shall keep a record of the proceedings of this church and the Council. He/she shall keep an Active Membership List with addresses of active church members, dates and modes of their reception and removal; and records of baptisms, weddings and funerals which take place at this church.The Clerk shall meet quarterly with the Diaconate, the Pastor and the Financial Secretary to review the Active Membership List. A copy of the Active Membership List shall be displayed in the church office prior to the Annual Business Meeting. Written notice of any change in Membership status shall be sent to affected Members.  The Clerk shall issue Letters of Transfer, Certificates of Membership and Letters of Release from Membership as voted by the Council; preserve in the files of this church all extraordinary communications and official written reports; notify all persons elected as officials and committee members; give legal notice of all called church meetings; make annual statistical reports to both the Annual Business Meeting and The Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ.  The Clerk shall maintain the Policy Manual and make it available to members in the church office.  The Clerk shall have custody of the Church Seal.

Treasurer (Sally Vincentsen). The Treasurer shall serve as a constitutional officer of the incorporated church. He/she shall be a voting member of the Financial Resources Committee, and the Council.  The Treasurer shall receive all moneys from the Financial Secretary and other moneys of this church, and give receipts for them. He/she shall see to the deposit of all funds received in such depository as the Financial Resources Committee shall order. He/she shall have the responsibility for all legal papers relating to the property of this church. The Treasurer shall pay the bills of this church as authorized by the Financial Resources Committee or their properly appointed agents. He/she shall maintain all financial accounts and records. He/she shall assist in the preparation and implementation of the annual budget.  The Treasurer shall keep a separate record of all benevolence funds. He/she shall make quarterly reports of such benevolence moneys as have been pledged, given or budgeted, to the Financial Resources Committee. He/she shall hold the Deacons’ Fund in a separate account subject only to the order of the Diaconate.  The Treasurer’s books shall be reviewed on an audit basis annually by a qualified independent auditor who is not a member of Pilgrim Church in the first quarter of the new fiscal year.

Assistant Treasurer (Randy Dinjian). The Assistant Treasurer will assist the Treasurer and serve as Treasurer in the case of the Treasurer’s absence or incapacity. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of the Financial Resources Committee.

Financial Secretary (Jim Black). The Financial Secretary shall be accountable to the Treasurer and the Financial Resources Committee and shall attend their meetings if requested to do so to report on financia lrecords. He/she shall receive all payments, donations, gifts, offerings, and special collections; keep an account with each donor providing them with periodic reports as to amounts paid and a year-end report acceptable to the Internal Revenue Service; deposit, as authorized, and report all moneys received to the Church Treasurer, and keep a record of receipts for same. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of the Financial Resources Committee and the Stewardship Committee and shall have voice but not vote.

Superintendent of Church School (Amy Sibley). The Superintendent shall strive to accomplish the aims, goals and objectives of the Church School in accordance with the directives and policies established by, and shall report to and be an ex-officio member of the Christian Education Committee having voice but not vote. A Superintendent of Church School may be appointed at the discretion of the Christian Education Committee based on need and interest. Should the Christian Education Committee determine there is no need for a Superintendent, or if a suitable candidate cannot be found, the Christian Education Committee will perform the duties of the Superintendent of Church School. This may be a paid position.

Historian (Marge Coldwell). The Historian shall work in conjunction with the Officers and Committees of this church. The Historian shall keep current the archival files of this church including, but not limited to, Church bulletins, parish papers and items marking special occasions; keep pictures and newspaper clippings pertaining to this church as well as local items having an impact on this church; make arrangements for proper storage of all records and important documents for safety. The Historian shall be responsible for updating the written history of this church. This position will not be subject to term limits.


Buildings & Grounds This committee is composed of six members. This committee has the care, custody, and management of the church property and supplies, and authority to make all routine repairs, additions, and alterations thereto which, in their judgment, may be necessary within the charge of the annual budget. They shall manage the use of the church property, with the exception of the sanctuary which shall be used as determined by the Diaconate. They prepare and execute all routine contracts pertaining to the upkeep and use of the church and other church property. They oversee the work of the custodian. They research and formulate a capital improvement plan. They have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer real property without specific authority given by a two-third (2/3) vote of those present and voting at a duly called church meeting.  Buildings & Grounds Committee Profile


Jim Haugen (Chairperson)

Bob Murphy

Steve Ulfelder

Christian Education This committee is composed of six members. They direct educational programs of the church for adults, youth and children; develop overall educational strategies; recruit, train and assist Church School teachers; choose tools and texts; oversee operation of the church’s library; determine the use of the Church School funds budgeted by the church. Any Youth Fellowship program shall be directed by this committee.  Christian Education Committee Profile


Sandy Coombs

Melissa Esteves

Jane Harrington

John Garton

Mark Whiteman (Chairperson)

Diaconate This committee consists of eight members. It is the duty of the Deacons to work with the Pastor in ministering to the spiritual interests of this church and community. They assist the Pastor in the preparation and administration of the sacraments, in visiting the sick and needy, and in introducing new families into the life of this church. They provide for the supply of the pulpit in the absence of the Pastor. They are responsible for and determine the use of the sanctuary. The Diaconate meets with all applicants for membership to help determine their readiness for membership, and, along with the Pastor, recommend to this church such persons as they deem to be prepared for Active Membership. They shall act with the Clerk and Financial Secretary to recommend any changes in membership status.  Diaconate Committee Profile


Steve Coldwell

Cindy Getchell

Deb Harrison

David Hile

Denise Honey

Peter Martin

Virginia Sweeter (Chairperson)

Sara Tomaino

Fellowship This committee consists of six members. The committee provides for activities which will stimulate member participation in church programs and events, always striving to raise the levels of Christian hospitality and fellowship. They make visitors, new members and active members feel welcome. They provide for follow-up contact with visitors and new members whenever possible, working in conjunction with the Diaconate.  Fellowship Committee Profile


Lee Andron

Laura Dully (Chairperson)

Beth Ferruccio

Donna Field

Eric Wieland

Susan Wieland

Financial Resources This committee consists of the Treasurer and three members. Assisting and acting as ex-officio members are the Assistant Treasurer, the Financial Secretary and the chairperson, or person delegated by the chairperson of the Stewardship Committee. They authorize and oversee the financial operations of the church. They receive the recommendations of the respective committees and present an Annual Budget and a financial plan to the Council to support the operating plan of this church for the coming year.  Financial Resources Committee Profile


Randy Dinjian (Chairperson)

Jason Honey

Alan Snow

Information Technology/Audio Visual This committee is composed of three members.  The committee’s responsibilities will include the development, implementation and maintenance of the church’s electronic communications infrasturcture to include, but not limited to, internet service providers, phone systems and providers, computer and related hardware and software, sound amplification and recording systems, video display and recording systems, and website design and social media and management.  They shall evaluate and address the communication needs of the other committees on an annual basis.  Where communication projects require modifications to the church’s physical plant, the committee shall agree jointly with Buildings and Grounds before proceeding.  The committee shall prepare and exectue all contracts pertaining to the upkeep and use of the church’s electronic communications infrastructure.  IT/AV Committee Profile

Ben Douglas

Herb Kolk

Lynne McKay (Chairperson)


This committee consists of six members. The Minister of Music and any directors of existing choirs of this church are ex-officio members of this committee. The Music Committee has charge of the church’s music program. In coordination with the Pastor and the Minister of Music they provide opportunities for all to participate in worship through music and to promote musical activities within the church. They maintain and preserve the musical resources of the church which includes but are not limited to the organ, pianos and sheet music, and direct the expenditure of whatever sums may be budgeted for their use.  Music Committee Profile


Pam Chilton

Michele Landes

Ruth Russo

Rusty Short (Chairperson)

Amy Sibley

Christopher Sweeter

Outreach This committee consists of six members. They plan and coordinate the Outreach programs of the church. They evaluate the needs, inform the church and encourage members to contribute financial and personal help to present a strong, positive Christian attitude to the local and global communities. They shall set goals for local mission and outreach projects for the future, both short and long term. They determine the use of the Outreach funds budgeted by the church.  Outreach Committee Profile


Carol Cullen

Joan Haugen

Marie Lescalleet (Chairperson)

Valerie Moreland

Bobbi Roberts

Erin Wheatley

Parish Relations This committee consists of three members. They shall identify and receive concerns and ideas which may develop within this church, and coordinate and facilitate the resolution of concerns or the institution of ideas. They provide a safe, confidential forum for communication among the Pastor, staff, and members of the congregation. This committee will, if required, institute formal proceedings in the handling of complaints regarding sexual exploitation or harassment, as stated in The Pilgrim Church Procedure document regarding said issues. Parish Relations Committee Profile


Joyce Hudson (Chairperson)

Barbara Porter

Reid Roberts

Personnel This committee is composed of three members. They hire, discipline or discharge any member of the paid staff with the exception of the Pastor in accordance with state and federal laws. They shall annually review the personnel policy and procedures of this church, recommending policy changes to the Council. They meet at least semi-annually with each paid member of the staff of the church to advise them of current personnel matters and update job descriptions. A member of the committee will be present for each review. They prepare and execute all employment contracts. All contracts are to be written and updated annually to reflect changes in salaries, benefits, etc. as budgeted and approved by this Church’s Annual Business Meeting.  Personnel Committee Profile


Carol Sherwood

Amy Townsley

Diane Wallace (Chairperson

Stewardship This committee consists of six members. It is the general function of this committee to encourage the congregation to a responsible commitment to the church and its mission, in the community and in the world, including personal involvement of time, talents and financial resources. It is the primary function of this committee to conduct an annual Pledge Drive. They work closely with the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary, Financial Resources and any other persons or committees assigned the task of working with the finances of this church. They are consulted on all fundraising activities of the church to ensure that other activities do not negatively impact work of this committee.  Stewardship Committee Profile


Sally Coldwell

Sean Connelly (Chairperson)

Tim Lescalleet

Bob Moore

Christina Stevens

Danie Xu