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On behalf of Pilgrim Congregational Church, we’re very glad you are interested in developing your faith and becoming part of our community.

Our mission statement:  Pilgrim Church is a welcoming Christian community dedicated to spiritual growth and service to others through God’s love.

If you decide to join Pilgrim Church, four things change in your relationship.

1.  Voting.  Upon becoming a member, you can vote on church business and become an important official participant on committees that guide the ways we live our faith.  Pilgrim Church is not like other churches.  We thrive or struggle based on the way we live our faith.  Unlike Catholic Churches, for instance, we don’t have a parent organization.  Everyone is welcome at our church, but members make sure we build heaven on earth by using our gifts to create a praying, connected, serving community.

2.  Teaching.  We invite everyone to teach one rotation in our Sunday school each year, and expect it from parents with kids in the program.  We are the legacy of the original church.  We pass on our faith in God and teach our kids to love their God and love their neighbor.  Teaching Sunday School means a commitment of three to four weeks in a row once a year, and teaching can be done with another teacher so if you need to miss a week or two, you can still teach.

3.  Tithing.  We request that every member of the church pledge each year so we can plan our ministries for each 12 month period.  Pilgrim Church is financed entirely by our members.  Paying for our staff, maintaining the building, and funding for mission projects and our youth education all come from member pledges.

Tithing is an Old Testament tradition that carried into Christianity.  In the ancient Jewish world, people brought the first ten percent of what they produced to the temple for an enormous gathering where everyone was invited.  For 2017 we raised $340,000 to date in pledges.  The amount of your pledge is not as important as your commitment which exhibits your desire to build heaven in this place.

4.  Offering Your Talent.  Lastly, we ask you to share your talent. What do you love?  Kids, building things, painting pictures, sports, music: anything you can imagine that means something to you is meaningful to us and we want to know about it and use your gifts in this place. That way, we build a church of passion and purpose.

What We Do For You

  • In considering membership, a member of our staff or leadership looks forward to visiting your family to answer questions and get to know you.
  • We hold a new member orientation twice a year to meet key leaders and get to know other new folks looking at the church.
  • We connect you with a member who knows the ins and outs of this church and they’ll connect with you in your first years in a way that fits your life so this becomes your spiritual home.
  • Three times a year we have fellowship events—an annual retreat to Camp Takodah, a progressive dinner, and a Spring Cinco de Mayo party—where you can get to know your church in a casual, fun atmosphere.

When we commit to a faith community, it is sometimes hard to keep up that commitment. Our lives are busy, and stress is always an issue in today’s society. But if you make the effort to offer what you love and to get to know people at Pilgrim Church as we try to get to know you, it will fill you up with peace and joy you did not know was possible.

To become a member, you must  inform us that you would like to make it official.  Please also see the New Member Bio Form.   This can be done in one of two ways:  stand up on new member Sunday which takes place twice a year in the fall and spring or, inform the Deacons who will vote you in.  There are three ways to join which are as follows:

1. Re-Affirmation of Faith (for those who have previously made a Confession of Christian Faith, for instance, by having completed a Confirmation process, or as a result of having join a Church in the past).

2.  Confession of Faith (for those who have never made a Confession of Christian Faith, either by having completed a Confirmation process, or by having previously joined a Church)

3.  Letter of Transfer (for those who are currently Members in another Christian congregation, an official document acknowledging the change in Membership is exchanged between that Church and Pilgrim Church upon your request to your former Church)

We can’t wait to build heaven with you,

Jon Wortmann, Minister

Julie Cedrone, Associate Minister

Deb Herrick, Minister of Communication