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December 6

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. -Matthew 7:7

December 5

The charm of Christmas lies in the thought that we live in the memory of our friendship.

December 4

Christmas is a kind of magic drawing even strangers near; it’s a glow of understanding special to this time of year.

December 3

Christmas is a beautiful sentiment.  It is a beautiful faith, it is a trusting young faith of a child, it is a never-failing belief of humanity in the truly miraculous.

December 2

Christmas – a journey of the heart, a renewal of the spirit, a pause in our lives to rekindle love and friendship.

December 1

Hark the glad sound!  The savior comes; the savior promised long.  Let every heart prepare a throne, and every voice a song. -Phillip Doddridge

November 30

We’re willing to thank God for the bountiful harvest – but we’re likely to want a little credit for the hard work we put into it, too.

November 29

Great is the need of sympathy.  Great is the need of love.

November 28

God, like the sun, may go almost unnoticed but his light doesn’t.

November 27

Grant that I, too, may treat with loving sensitivity the persons whom I shall encounter this day.

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