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Onthank Heritage-Pilgrim Church History

Heritage and History I’m going to be talking about the Heritage and History of Southborough, specifically the Onthank family and their role in the history of Pilgrim which is intertwined… Read more »

Being a Pilgrim by Paul Renfrew

The following is a sermon given by one of our Deacons on Sunday, January 26, 2014 on All-Ministers Sunday: Being a Pilgrim The topic of the sermon I chose for… Read more »

Deacons’ Corner by Steve Ulfelder

The following is a Deacons’ Corner article published in the January 2014 newsletter: I was hoping for a few minutes of solace and quiet reflection this morning, and I thought… Read more »

Looking Starward and Beyond-Statements of Faith and Epilogue

The Arrival – Picture the central panel of the Sistine Chapel ceiling– God giving life to Adam Part One Statements of faith—This I Believe (and some of it may even… Read more »

Faith Statement by Eric Sweeter

Hello Pilgrim Church, I am Eric Sweeter. I have been asked what faith is constantly throughout this year, though each time I try to explain, I learn that every answer… Read more »

Faith Statement by Nicole Mills

Hello Pilgrim Church, my name is Nicole Mills and to me faith is comparable to a tree. Both are tall and stand strong and always there to protect you in… Read more »

Faith Statement by Jerry McGuire

  Good Morning.  I am Jerry McGuire.  In thinking about defining my faith I have been able to find God all around me. My faith is in the mountains. I… Read more »

Looking Starward and Beyond by Reid Roberts

Looking Starward and Beyond The Arrival – Picture the central panel of the Sistine Chapel ceiling– God giving life to Adam  Part One How can we imagine the possibility of… Read more »

Post-Christmas: What Can We Learn From Santa Claus?

Now that the “Holiday Season” for 2011 has past, I think it would be prudent to reflect and learn from the skills of a fictitious character that was hopefully good… Read more »

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

Most older readers will recognize this phrase as the very clever tag line used by Hallmark Cards to insure that everyone purchased their greeting cards. How many of us, having… Read more »

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