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PCYG Chicago Dailies

Day 7 Chicago 2013: What We Learned

What I learned this week is that everyone is welcome in heaven on earth. To watch this group of teenagers take care of each other, have fun, and most importantly,… Read more »

Day 5: New Beginnings

There is nothing more fun than seeing the teenagers come home from meeting people in their neighborhood of Chicago around the Hostel. They get bold; they ask people who they… Read more »

Day 5: Tonight’s People Scavenger Hunt

Last year we started a new tradition: meeting people in our neighborhood and trying to give them love. This year’s rules: Collect as many pictures as you can off this… Read more »

Day Three 2013: Stories

At St. Matthew’s by the old Cabrini-Green, one of the worst low-income projects in the country before it was demolished in 2011, a man came into the church. He is… Read more »

Chicago 2013 Day 2: If You Were Homeless?

Have you ever felt infinite? We started this morning with our feet dangling. We sat on the pier, a row of meditating Pilgrims facing the sun rise over Lake Erie…. Read more »

2013 Day 1–The Road

Our theme this year is “Keep calm, and get your God on.” For those of you new to mission trip culture, this is how it starts. An idea. A parable… Read more »

This Year: The Bronx and Harlem

Click on PCYG New York Daily Updates in our News and Information tab to get daily updates about our hunger relief and church rehab work!

Day 7

There is no greater test of faith than going 120 mph straight up and then straight down on a roller coaster.  You can literally see God coming through the clouds… Read more »

Day 6

Day four of work had us finishing renovations on three houses, the hunger group served its fifth meal (they worked Sunday night too), the kids group gave their 451st and… Read more »

Day 5

Is tomorrow really our last day of work?  It’s both a relief–mission tripping is hard, it’s not our usual life, and it takes some time to get out of the… Read more »

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