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PCYG New York Daily Updates

Scavenger Hunt

Tonight evening activity is a “People Scavenger Hunt” around our neighborhood. Stay on Amsterdam or Broadway and the side streets in between. Take a picture with the following people: A… Read more »

Is It a Miracle?

When 54 teens and adults decide to spend six days together: is it a miracle? When the ladies of St. Edmund’s cooked their team lunch every day: is it a… Read more »

Day Four…Paint and Rhythm

On the trip so far we’ve painted 10 rooms, two sanctuaries (one much bigger than ours, one a little smaller) including the ceiling 20 feet up on one, a fellowship… Read more »

A few chaperones’ favorite moments of today: Pete Turner–getting a hug from the women who run the site.  both of them, such great people. Sarah Hile–Watching the kids move, and… Read more »

The Work Begins

And the New Yorkers thought we were crazy for taking 54 people together on the subway (we really didn’t; we were divided into groups of 6-8). Today we began work… Read more »

What? 54 on the Subway, are you crazy?

So even New Yorkers think we’ve lost our minds. Our trip down was smooth, and as usual, upon arriving at the hostel, our rooms weren’t ready. So without pause we… Read more »

NYC Pregame

We hope you will follow our progress through the week of July 29 to August 3 as we work on three churches in the Bronx and feed and serve hungry… Read more »