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Jr. and Sr. High

We offer youth groups for 7th and 8th and senior high students.

Our 7th and 8th graders are lead by a team of adults from the congregation that have over 25 years experience working with youth.  Each Sunday during the worship service they meet to explore the ideas of their lives and how to be more faithful.  During the year they also participate in numerous service experiences in addition to quarterly fun outings.

Our Senior High are lead by trained therapist and youth leader Sarah Hile.  They meet every Sunday during worship in addition to almost weekly opportunities for service and fun.  The culmination of every year is a week-long service and mission trip.  This summer’s destination with 57 participants:  Chicago, where we spent the week working at various sites rebuilding churches, homes, helping children, and revitalizing neglected communities.  The theme:  Keep Calm and Keep Your God On.

2014!  New York City!  South Bronx and Transfiguration Lutheran Church, we’re coming to love you!

Mission Trip 2013 – Chicago

The last week of July was a rewarding and eventful one for 57 brave members of Pilgrim Church.  The week was the annual Pilgrim Church Youth Group mission trip, this year to Chicago.  The group, consisting of 11 chaperones and 46 teenagers, spent the week working at various sites rebuilding churches, homes, helping children, and revitalizing neglected communities.

One group of PCYGers worked at a church at Cabrini Green.  An area that was once home to 30,000 low income families has become within the last 10 years a new trendy neighborhood in Chicago.  Those families that previously lived in the Cabrini Green projects were forced out of their homes and displaced.  Our group repainted and cleaned the long neglected Cabrini Green church in an effort to preserve and save the church for the community that still resides in that area.

Another building group worked at the United Church of Rogers’ Park.  Rogers’ Park is an area in northern Chicago caught between the territories of two major gangs.  Our teenagers spent the week tiling the floor of the hallway in the basement of the church as well as converting a water-damaged, moldy, dilapidated storage room into a beautiful office for three deacons at the church.  This beautification project improved the appearance and lightened spirits for the hundreds of people who use this space every week, including refugee groups and gang members participating in a rehabilitation group called “circles and ciphers”.  PCYG’s work will help the community use that space better and help the church improve Rogers’ Park.

Our kids group worked at the same church, chaperoning about 50 kids at the church’s free summer camp.  The kids come from the Rogers’ Park community and all come from low income families.  The camp provides bible study, arts and crafts, lessons on daily themes such as “friendship” and “patience”, and also provides lunch for the kids.  It was a great experience for both the children and teenagers alike.  Freshman Lindsay Merritt will never forget what one young boy told her as they were walking on the beach on their field trip, he said “you changed my life; no one has ever done something like this for me”.

Our most fearless group, fondly called “cat-pee”, worked for a Chicago non-for-profit called Episcopal Charities “Julian Year”.  They worked to furnish, clean and paint a home for a group of young men and women out of college who were donating a year of their lives to this organization.  The interns participate in spiritual development and work for local churches in order to better the community, help gang members, and take care of children.  The cat pee crew worked endlessly to move a full house of furniture from one home to another, finding surprises such as dead mice as they went.  The organization estimated that the PCYG’s work saved the organization $10,000 which they can put back into the communities.

Our final group spent the week painting for an organization called H.O.M.E.  They painted and cleaned a surly old woman’s house, making it look beautiful and new.  Towards the end of the week the group discovered that it was the anniversary of the death of this woman’s husband.  Thanks to PCYG we were not only able to revitalize her home, but also her spirits.  We were able to be unexpected angels in her life at a time when she didn’t have many.

The trip wasn’t all work though!  Night activities included trying to find dinner for under $5 in Chinatown, scavenger hunts where we had to ask people, “what makes you happy”, a trip to the beach, and a night at Chicago’s famous Navy Pier.  On the way back from Chicago we also stopped for a day at Cedar Point, an amusement park in Ohio.

Overall it was an extremely successful mission trip for PCYG.  If anyone wants to learn more about the trip, there are 46 teenagers eager to talk about it!  You can learn more at mission Sunday as well.

Ali Mills, Co-President PCYG