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Letters to Gus: “On Boredom”

Dear Gus, Today was a half-day at school. These are typically trying days for you, for all of us here. You love playing with your friends so much, so when you leave school early and come home, sometimes you’re a little upset about that situation. On days like these, Mom and I always have fun activities planned for you. This afternoon, we…

Letters to Gus: “Be Joyful”

Dear Gus, A few years ago, when you were a bumbling and stumbling little two-year-old, you and I ended up at home, just the two of us, on Father’s Day. You know what happens on Father’s Day, right? The final round of the U.S. Open! I told Mom that no matter what I would be sitting in front of the television watching…

Letters to Gus: “You are loved.”

Dear Gus, Yesterday, you took a nasty spill in the living room. You were wearing socks and your feet slipped right out from under you. You fell face-first—nose-first, really—on to the hard floor. When you sat up, crying, Mom said that your nose looked like it had been flattened. She scooped you up and held you while you wailed and your tears…