Sunday, December 17-Third Sunday in Advent
Pilgrim Congregational Church
15 Common St, Southborough, MA 01772

Why Meditate

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Every Wednesday night in the Sanctuary, something changes. At 7 pm, a small group gathers to sit. Peter Martin who leads the service welcomes folks, reads scripture, and offers a brief spoken reflection. That lead in is to differentiate what happens next.

We sit.

That’s it.

For twenty minutes we just sit.

Why? Because when you find the power of stillness, that’s when God speaks. God has spoken through the centuries with words, with feelings, and even through people or events. God always speaks with silence.

When you learn to rest inside yourself, to know that you–whatever the state of your life–are enough as you are, your soul emerges. It transcends words, feelings, and events. In the stillness, we become timeless. We become the mingling of what was and will be in an insanely pleasurable is-ness. Frankly, everything I just wrote sounds silly.

Or maybe not. Watching the light change through the seasons on Wednesday night, resting in the safe quiet of our 1806 sacred space, being with a few new friends in the stillness: that isn’t silly. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself in the middle of a crazy world. What changes every Wednesday night in the sanctuary is us.