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Worship should not be boring.  It should not be irrelevant.  It should not tell you what to do.

At Pilgrim Church, we explore God.  Our worship services seek to create a sacred experience where through word, song, and scripture, we discover more about faith, ourselves, and how we can build heaven on earth.  Our worship is a celebration of all the ways God has moved in our lives, and a new beginning of faithful living for the week to come.

During the school year, we have two services.

At 8:45, we have “Spiritual Conversations” in our parlor.  An intimate group, we explore the week’s scripture, pray, and laugh about the mysterious and miraculous ways of the divine.

At 10:00, we have our traditional worship service.  The first half is kid friendly and connects our community of all ages around the day’s spiritual lesson.  After the kid’s sermon, the children and youth go to their classes, and our service becomes the peaceful, reflective time we all need each week.

During the summer, we avoid the heat with services at 9:30.  While hundreds fill our pews from the end of September until mid June, during the warmer months we enjoy a briefer worship time with special musicians and the chance to greet everyone personally.

Throughout the year we have special services for Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Christmas and Easter, as well as community services when the events of our world need healing and prayer.

Every service at Pilgrim is a reflection of our community of ministers.  While we love our clergy, what really makes the service is the music, reflections, announcements, and prayers of the many powerful people of faith that make this community rare and extraordinary.