Sunday, January 28-Annual Meeting following Worship
Pilgrim Congregational Church
15 Common St, Southborough, MA 01772

What We Believe

An Introduction

At Pilgrim Church, we encourage each other to do three things:  Pray, Serve, and Connect.

Prayer: How do you pray? The Lord’s Prayer, conversation with God, grace at meals, Lectio Divina, centering prayer, asking God for help, confession, meditation, virtual prayer: there are so many ways to pray and most of us need more prayer. Prayer is not treating God as a vending machine. We ask to open our ears and hearts. We pray to make room for God. We hope through prayer we become more aware of God who is already with us, loving us, now and always.

Service: By offering our gifts and our different ways of experiencing God through service, we build heaven on earth. Teaching Sunday School, buying items for the food pantry, mission trips, visiting church members in need, Scouts: there are so many ways to serve in and out of our community. We serve not to receive, but by God’s grace to see what we can learn together. The world needs more love; we are hope when we take care of each other for love’s sake.

Connection: The world keeps getting lonelier even thought we are more in contact than ever before. Social media is a gift; the virtualization of personal contact is not enough for most of us. We are a live and virtual community seeking to build deeper community. What does deep mean? We know each other. We are know by the God in each other who seeks to learn about each other’s true selves. We fight, argue, and disagree; we are congregationalists after all. And we always seek consensus on the ways to love as many people in this sacred place.

We believe we can build sacred spaces and relationships that truly are heaven, and even though we are imperfect as people, we pray to center down, serve to know how good it feels to love each other, and connect to build a team of ministers wanting this world to be God’s world as well.

Our Statement of Faith and Covenant from our By Laws

This church looks to the Word of God in the Scriptures and to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to achieve its creative and redemptive work in the world. Each member shall have the undisturbed right to follow the Word of God according to the dictates of his/her own conscience, under the enlightenment of the spirit in which this church interprets the Word of God:

We believe in God the Father, our creator; in Jesus Christ, God’s Son, our redeemer and Lord; and in the Holy Spirit, God’s presence in our lives. Believing this, we covenant with God and with one another

  • To follow Jesus Christ as the only head of the church;
  • To grow in our understanding of the will of God;
  • To live according to Christ’s teachings;
  • To share with others the news of God’s redeeming love;
  • To be accepting, caring, forgiving members in our community of Christian Faith.

Our Mission established by our 2009 Mission and Vision Committee: Pilgrim Church is a welcoming Christian community dedicated to spiritual growth and service to others through God’s love.

Our Vision established by our 2009 Mission and Vision Committee: To realize and fulfill the possibilities of God’s infinite love in a thriving faith community.

We are an inclusive church: While many UCC churches are open and affirming, we chose a different path to welcoming everyone. When we say everyone is welcome, we mean everyone. You don’t like a person for one reason or another, you are welcome. If for, instance, you don’t think some folks should get married based on your upbringing or the Bible, you are welcome; you might not be invited some of the weddings celebrated here, but even that is hard to say. We don’t ascribe to exclusive theological, political, race, class, gender, or personality identities. We are partisans of Christ. Some folks may choose not to be part of the Pilgrim community, and we hope that they will find a community that grows their faith. Loving everyone means we seek ways to include everyone. We fail, but we keep trying because God loves everyone, neighbor and enemy, unconditionally. Our hope is that we can too.